U20 Resource Group

U20 bowlers, are you having a hard time finding a Junior Gold Qualifying tournament?  

Many of you are going to school full time, potentially bowling for your school, and maybe even working.  Does it feel like the stars need to align just perfectly to find a tournament when YOU are available and has enough other U20 bowlers participating for the coveted Junior Gold Advancement?

We understand your plight, it’s hard for tour director’s as well, but we have an idea!

 Since the change creating the U20 division, getting at least 4 bowlers together on an existing tournament date has been quite the challenge.   In order for MYST to run a U20 Qualifier for Junior Gold, we need at least 4 U20 bowlers who also have their Junior Gold membership for the year. 

So here is a potential solution…

We would like to gather your contact information, and with your permission, share it with other U20 bowlers who are also interested.  Within this group, you can share your schedules of when you would be available for a tournament.  So even if MYST doesn’t have a scheduled Junior Gold Qualifying tournament on that date, we will do our best to work with you to set a tournament up when we know at least 4 of you are available.  While we will need some advanced notice, tournaments may be held any day of the week as long as we can coordinate a location and the director’s schedule.  

Because there are various ways we can set up a tournament, when we have a group of 4 or more bowlers, we will work with you to tailor your tournament to fit your time and costs.  (Some limits will apply)

By filling out the form below, you are not committing to participation, but requesting to be kept in the loop.

And if you have any other ideas, we’re all ears!