Tournament Fees

Tournament Fee Structure: 

MYST Membership: $30 per season

Tournament Entry: $50

Junior Gold Fee: (if competing for a spot)
U17 & U20: $50
U15: $37.50
U12: $25
Junior Gold is awarded 1:4  (see below for more detail)

U20:  DOB 08/01/2000-07/31/2002
U18:  DOB 08/01/2002-07/31/2005
U15:  DOB 08/1/2005-07/31/2008
U12:  DOB 08/01/2008 – later 

Tournament Re-entry: $35 (if space is available, see below for more details)

Bowlers will receive an emailed invoice to be paid upon receipt from PayPal or Square. (Please see how to register for more information)  Fees may apply based on your choice of payment options.  Your spot is not guaranteed until payment is received and the bowler is on the roster for the tournament.  The roster may be found at  Tournaments naming structure is:  MYST {mm/dd/yy} *JG Qualifier*

Payments received at registration will include an additional $10 late fee.


Fee Breakdown

$50 Entry

$35 re-entry

Scholarship pot (day of tournament)






Tournament Of Champions






Once a tournament/squad capacity has been met, a waitlist will be created.  Bowlers on the waitlist will be given a minimum of 12 hours notice if a spot becomes available, and will have 2 hours to secure their spot.  (Some exceptions may apply)

USBC Membership Requirements:

All bowlers must have a current USBC membership prior to the start of the tournament.  Bowlers who are in the U18 and under divisions may complete a USBC membership application and pay $4 at registration*.    

U20 bowlers must have a current Adult Membership through USBC which can be purchased at  If a U20 bowler has purchased their adult membership through a center or league outside of MYST and the USBC database does not show this, please provide us with the center name, league name/date/time, and contact information.  (MYST is unable to process adult memberships, we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause)

All bowlers who are competing for a Junior Gold advancement MUST have a current Junior Gold Membership Upgrade.  U12: $10 / U15-U20: $30 
Bowlers with a current USBC membership may upgrade to Junior Gold at (no additional fees required) or they may complete an application and payment during registration*. 

Junior Gold divisions:

Junior Gold divisions will be based on gender and age.  At times, it may be necessary to combine genders and/or ages to meet ratio requirements.  

A bowler who has chosen to compete for a Junior Gold position within a group where ages must be combined, has the option to not compete.  Parents and bowlers will be notified prior to the start of the tournament, once the first ball is thrown at the start of the tournament, changes may not be made.

Refunds will be processed within 30 days, less any processing fees paid to PayPal at the time of payment.  

No bowler in the U18 division or under may be combined with the U20 division.

Junior Gold positions will only be awarded once there are 4 or more entries in Junior Gold division.  In the event that there are 5-7 additional entries for a division, the bowler who places 2nd with the highest scratch series (and who has entered into the JG portion of the tournament) will have the option to secure their spot by paying the difference of the entry fee.  Should that bowler choose not take advantage of this, no other position will receive this offer and the excess funds will be added to the total scholarship pot of 50% towards the Tournament of Champions and 50% towards the Invitational Tournament.  

Payments at registration:
Payments may be made during registration by cash/check/credit card and shall include a $10 late fee charge.  

Tournament Re-entry

If a later squad has space available, a bowler may choose to enter the tournament again for $35.  

A bowler who is competing for a Junior Advancement will be competing in this portion of the tournament with the first 5 game series total only.  Additional squad entries are only used in determining totals for scholarship awards.

Bowlers are eligible to earn one SMART scholarship award based on play.

The highest 5 game squad total will be used to determine a bowler’s finishing spot for SMART awards only.

Refund policy:

If a bowler has paid for a tournament and does not show, they will be refunded 50% of the paid fees.

While we recognize emergencies may arise, those will be handled on a case by case basis.  If you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible. 


If a bowler has made arrangements to pay the day of registration and does not show up, they will be required to prepay for any future tournaments.


If a tournament is canceled due to unforeseen events, all prepaid bowlers may request a credit toward a future tournament during the 2020-2021 season, or a refund which will be processed within 30 days of request.