We at Midwest Youth Scholarship Tour know it’s our bowlers and their families that make our tour successful, and we are beyond humbled to be a part of their experiences.  

Not only do we see all the amazing things they do, the determination, and the positive attitudes, but so do our spectators and other bowlers. 

If you would like to nominate a bowler for their good sportsmanship, please click here.

…Ethan was the highest U20 bowler and by all rights earned his spot at Junior Gold. I know Ethan stepped back from the spot and allowed another competitor to claim it because he has plans to go on a school trip to Europe. However, in this time of Covid, when things can change in a heartbeat, Ethan could have easily decided to keep the spot just in case Europe didn’t work out. By passing the spot on now instead of later, he is allowing a family more time to plan. By passing the spot on instead of no-showing for Junior Gold, he is showing respect for the tour, all the competitors who paid, and the USBC staff who are holding the tournament. ~Anonymous

Breanna Warren always has a smile on her face! She is new to tournaments, especially sport shot tournaments, but she doesn’t shy away. Even when she is faced with a stronger or more experienced bowler, Bre remains positive, outgoing, and encouraging of others. She truly treats everyone how she would like to be treated. ~ Kassidy Miller

Mara was extremely friendly and helpful to our two bowlers who were new and didn’t know anyone else. She encouraged them and always had a smile on their faces. They became fast friends and enjoyed their time with Mara. She cheered them on and got excited for them when they advanced. – Kassidy Miller

The MYST tournament at Concord Bowl on September 5th was my first tournament outside of my regular youth league events. Brooke made sure I understood how to move lanes after each round. She was encouraging and friendly. Bowling with people like Brooke, who celebrate your strikes with a fist bump and commiserate/tease about the inevitable splits, is exactly why I enjoy this sport. –  J.W.