Scholarship Awards

Every MYST tournament awards scholarships to the top performers through S.M.A.R.T.  

The minimum* total of scholarships awarded is based on the number of participants competing in each specific MYST division.  Once check-in has closed the day of the tournament, bowlers and spectators alike, will be able to reference our scholarship breakdowns and know the minimum of what they are competing for and how it will be broken down between placement.  

Scholarship Awards Schedule

Our structure gives you a repeatable and transparent experience!  If you ever have questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Under certain circumstances, MYST may add to a scholarship in excess of our scheduled payouts, but we will never award less.  

Current MYST Scholarships 

300 game – $250
Sponsored by Bowl4Life, any MYST member who bowls a 300 during a tournament game while using any combination of the Brunswick Brands will earn a $250 SMART award!  

End of Season MYST Scholarships

All MYST members are eligible to win the following season end scholarships based on their performance throughout the season!

Bowler of the Year – 3 awards 
-Participants throughout our tournaments receive points towards the Bowler of the Year totals.  To be eligible for this award, a participant must be a MYST member before the first ball is thrown in our last tournament.
$150 SMART award for the bowler with the highest points accumulated
$125 SMART award for the bowler with the second highest points accumulated
$100 SMART award for the bowler with the third highest points accumulated

Awards are based solely on cumulative points earned throughout the season regardless of age or MYST division.

Sportsmanship Award – 1 Award / $100 
– Bowlers and Spectators may nominate youth bowler(s) at each tournament for showing good sportsmanship.   (please do not nominate your own child, but do feel free to brag to us about how awesome they are!)   

Highest Series of the Season – 3 Awards / $25 each / 1 per MYST division
-The bowler with the highest series in each division will earn this SMART scholarship.  Handicap will be included in the total for the handicap division.  The division a bowler finishes in at the end of the season does not preclude that bowler from winning in another division if they have the highest series. 

Refer a friend – 1 Award / $25
-We love hosting these tournaments, but we know we’re nothing without you!  If you refer the most new bowlers to MYST who  compete in at least 1 tournament (regardless of their membership choice) you will be awarded this scholarship!  

Elite Member Scholarship – 2 awards / $50 each
-All Elite Members will be entered into a drawing for this scholarship.  The winners will be chosen at random at the end of the season.

Surprise Scholarship – 1 award / $50
-We can’t announce the requirements for this award until the season ends to ensure it’s earned with integrity.  We can tell you it’s not based on your bowling performance and that everyone of our awesome members is capable of earning it!

Do you have an idea for a scholarship award, please let us know!  

All listed award amounts are the guaranteed minimum.  In some instances, these award amounts may increase throughout the season based on donations received.