All USBC rules are in effect.

Electronic Devices: Bowlers will NOT be allowed to use electronic devices on the approaches at any time. Cell phones and other communication devices are NOT to be used in the bowlers’ area (settee & approaches) unless keeping scores on a bowling app. Penalty for violation: First offense- Warning and request athlete to store device. Continuation of use will result in disqualification of the tournament.

Behavior by Bowlers: ANY DISPLAY OF FOUL LANGUAGE, ABUSING EQUIPMENT, UNSPORTSMANLIKE BEHAVIOR will not be tolerated.  Penalty for violation:  First offense – Warning.  Continuation of inappropriate behavior will result in disqualification of the tournament. 

Behavior by Spectators:  ANY DISPLAY OF FOUL LANGUAGE, VERBAL ABUSE (to a bowler, spectator, staff), or INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR (as deemed by a MYST Director or Center Staff) will result in a warning.  Continuation will result in your removal from the center and ability to attend future MYST Tournaments. 

Only bowlers and scorekeepers are allowed in the bowling area during tournament play. All score corrections must be made or approved by a Tournament Official or an individual appointed by a Tournament Official before they are made and must be done in the frame they occur in, no exceptions.

Bowlers must be present at all times and ready to bowl, bowlers who are not ready to bowl, will receive a 0 for that frame (exceptions will be made for players who need to use the restroom)

Bowlers who leave the center during tournament play will be disqualified.

Bowling Balls:


Bowling balls must meet all USBC specifications as defined in the latest edition of the Equipment Specifications and Certification Manual.  It is the player’s responsibility to ensure all equipment is eligible for competition.  Only balls that are on the USBC approved list and are product registered are allowed in competition.  Tournament staff reserves the right to check equipment for compliance at any time.

In the event a player’s bowling ball is damaged during tournament play in such a fashion that it will not meat USBC specifications, the player must notify the tournament direction and the ball must be taken out of play immediately.

Altering the surface of a bowling ball by the use of abrasives, cleaners, or polish is prohibited once practice has ended.  In addition, no substance may be placed on the outer surface of the bowling ball.  The outer surface of the bowling ball may only be cleaned with a dry towel once the bowler has started the competition.

Penalty for first offense:  Warning and removal of any ball altered after the end of practice

Penalty for 2nd offense:  Disqualification from the tournament

Once practice has ended, all sanding products must be removed from the player’s area (i.e. Abralon, sandpaper, etc) 

Breakdown or delay:  In case of a breakdown or delay, the tournament director will make a decision regarding the continuation or rescheduling of games

Upon restart, competitors may receive up to two (2) shots on the lane opposite of where their next ball will be thrown for score at the discretion of the tournament director.  If a breakdown requires competitors to move to an alternate pair not previously used in the tournament, each competitor required to move will receive two (2) warm-up shots on each lane. 

Interrupted Tournament:  The following procedures will be in effect should events occur at the host bowling centers which significantly delay the tournament:

Every effort will be made to complete the tournament in its entirety at the host center

Format and times may be adjusted by the tournament director if necessary.  Under these circumstances, the tournament direction’s decision shall be final.

Fouls:  USBC rules regarding fouls will be followed.  Should at any time during the shot, a foul happens with a legal delivery, it must be scored as a foul.  If the player wishes to protest the foul, a ruling by the tournament director must be called for before all bowlers advance to the next frame.  The tournament director’s decision shall be final.


In the event of an intentional foul, the tournament director must be notified immediately.  The player shall receive no pinfall for that delivery and shall receive no further deliveries in that frame.  An intentional foul is a foul caused by anything unnatural to a normal delivery and done intentionally, such as kicking at the foul line.  If in the act of fouling intentionally the player’s action is deemed conduct unbecoming, he/she will be subject to the penalties provided for this tournament.

Authorized Personnel:  Only authorized personnel will be permitted in the players’ area during competition.  Coaches and parents are never permitted in the players’ area. 


Players who are moving from their last pair of played lanes may not enter the players’ area until all players on the current lane have completed their game. 
First Offense:  Warning
Second Offense:  Disqualification


 Ties:  If a tie exists at the conclusion of the qualifier round among advancers, a one-ball roll-off will be bowled on the same pair of lanes to break the tie.  The bowler who had the highest final game during qualifying will determine the starting lane and order for the roll-off.

If a tie exists during single or double elimination match play, a two-frame roll-off will be bowled on the same pair of lanes to break the tie.  Roll-off totals are based on scratch scores regardless of MYST division.

If a tie exists at the conclusion of the qualifier round for Junior Gold Advancement and ratio is not met to advance both bowlers, a two-ball roll-off will be bowled on a pair of lanes at the director’s discretion.  The bowler who had the highest final game during qualifying will determine the starting lane and order for the roll-off.  Roll-off totals are based on scratch scores regardless of MYST division.

Scholarships:  Distribution of prize scholarship will be published on our website, and are based on number of entries per MYST division.  All scholarships will be placed in the recipient’s SMART account within 30 days of the final date of competition.  All scholarships will be held in SMART #12461


In the event of a tie for any position that does not advance to the finals, the scholarship shall be divided equally for the positions tied, except for positions which specifically call for a roll-off.

Lane Courtesy:  To maintain a consistent pace of play, all bowlers are required to overserve one-lane courtesy and deliver the ball in a reasonable amount of time.  Individuals who are found in violation of this rule will:

First Offense:  Receive a warning
Second Offense:  Will receive a zero for the current frame
Third Offense:  Disqualification

Attire:  Tournament directors will determine if the uniform worn by the participant is acceptable.  If the uniform is deemed unacceptable, the participant will be required to change the uniform before continuing to participate.  If the participant in unable to change into a compliant uniform, they will be disqualified.   Absolutely no exceptions apply.

Shirts:  Competitors shall provide their own bowling shirt with a collared, V-neck, rib-lined or banded neckline.  Mock collars must be a minimum of ¾ of 1”. Sleeveless shirts are permitted with a butterfly collar only. All shirts must have finished sleeves for all competition.

Shirts may not include any offensive language or images nor tobacco/alcohol references/images


Slacks/Shorts:  Must not contain drawstring waists or elastic bottoms.  Slacks must have a zipper and a button to be eligible.    Shorts must be below the competitor’s fingertips when they are standing with their arms hanging loosely at their side.


Skirts/Skorts/Capris:  All skirts/skorts/capris must be below the competitor’s fingertips when they are standing with their arms hanging loosely at their side.

All attire must be in good condition with no holes, rips, tears, frayed ends.


Headgear:  No covering or sunglasses can be worn while practicing or competing (hats, caps, bandanas, etc) without a request in writing is received and approved by a tournament director no less than 48 hours in advance.

Bowlers who do not adhere to the attire requirements will be given the opportunity to correct the issue, however if the tournament has started, the bowler will not be allowed to continue to bowl and will take a zero (0) in each frame until the issue has been resolved. 

*Please note that MYST attire rules are not the same as those for the Junior Gold National Tournament or other tournaments not affiliated with MYST.  It is a bowler’s responsibility to read and understand the rules set forth for each tournament, regardless of the host.


Attire for Spectators:  Spectators, please remember you are at a youth event, please consider what you are wearing as a representation of whom you are there to support.  Offensive attire, including that which displays foul or offensive language, may result in you being asked to change or leave. 

Scoring:  Each player is responsible for his/her own scoresheet.  Players must sign their own scoresheet at the conclusion of the qualifying games.  Unsigned scoresheets may result in disqualification.  If a score is not filled in on a player’s score sheet, and is not retrievable by computer or manually, the player shall receive a score of zero (0) for that game.


Disqualifications:  Any action or event in which disqualifies a bowler from the tournament constitutes a forfeiture of entry fees for a tournament (including fees to compete for a Junior Gold advancement), SMART awards, and Junior Gold Advancement.  If the severity of your actions, as deemed by MYST Directors or Center Staff, is excessive, you will not be allowed to participate in any future MYST events for the season.  

Protests and Appeals:  Whether you were personally affected or not, you have the right to question tournament standings, scholarship payouts, Junior Gold awarded positions, etc

If at any time you believe that MYST has not followed our own rules or that of USBC, please let us know so that we may review the matter and address any changes that are required.  If you feel that we have not properly addressed your concerns, you may appeal to USBC.

If an issue arises at a tournament, to provide the quickest and most effective timeline for mitigation, please let us know immediately.  If you disagree with our decision, you may appeal our decision to USBC per USBC rule 329 (see below relating to youth tournaments).

USBC Rule 329 – Protests and Appeals

Protests and appeals must be in writing stating the grounds for the protest or appeal.
a. A protest involving eligibility or playing rules must be filed with tournament management and:
1. Adult tournaments: Within 72 hours of the infraction, or prior to tournament prizes being paid, whichever occurs
2. Youth tournaments: Within 72 hours of the infraction.
NOTE: Tournament protests received by local associations or USBC Headquarters that have not initially been decided by
tournament management will be forwarded to tournament management for a decision.
b. The decision of the tournament management shall be final, unless a written appeal is filed with the local association or
USBC Headquarters and:
1. Adult tournaments: Within 10 days of notification of tournament management’s decision.
2. Youth tournaments: Within 72 hours of notice of the decision.
Upon notification of a protest or appeal, tournament management must withhold all affected prizes until the protest or
appeal is resolved.
The decision of the local association may also be appealed to USBC Headquarters. The decision of USBC Headquarters is
final and binding on all involved parties.
Commonly Asked Questions – Rule 329.
329/1 What is the deadline to file a protest?
In USBC adult tournaments, a protest regarding eligibility or playing rules must be confirmed in writing and
filed with tournament management within 72 hours of the infraction or prior to the payment of tournament
prizes, whichever occurs first.In USBC youth tournaments, a protest regarding eligibility or playing rules must be confirmed in writing and filed with tournament management within 72 hours of the infraction.
329/2 Does the tournament manager have to make a decision on a verbal protest?
No. However, the tournament manger may act upon the verbal inquiry and consider the inquiry as a protest.
USBC Rule 329 requires the tournament manager to act on all written protests filed within specific timelines.
(Guidelines on how to file a proper protest can be found on
329/3 What happens when a bowler is disqualified from the tournament for a rule infraction?
When a violation occurs that requires disqualification of an individual or team, the following procedure should
be followed:
a. The individual(s) or team captain should be notified in writing of the disqualification.
b. The letter should state the reason(s) for disqualification.
c. The letter should inform the individual that they have the right to appeal in writing to USBC
Payment of prizes affected must be withheld until USBC has:
a. Notified the tournament that a timely appeal has not been filed; or
b. Resolved a timely appeal that was filed.