1.  All USBC rules are in effect.

  2.  Registration will close at 12:00 pm two day before each event.   Any bowlers who have not paid or made arrangements with a MYST director for payment day of the tournament will forfeit their hold, and MYST will contact any bowlers on the waitlist for registration.

  3. Returned checks are subject to a $25 processing fee.  Should a check be returned, participants will forfeit their right to pay by check for any future tournaments during the season.

  4.  Electronic Devices: Bowlers will NOT be allowed to use electronic devices on the approaches at any time. Cell phones and other communication devices are NOT to be used in the bowlers’ area (settee & approaches) unless keeping scores on a bowling app. Penalty for violation: First offense- Warning and request athlete to store device. Continuation of use will result in disqualification of the tournament. 

  5.  Behavior by Bowlers: ANY DISPLAY OF FOUL LANGUAGE, ABUSING EQUIPMENT, UNSPORTSMANLIKE BEHAVIOR will not be tolerated.  Penalty for violation:  First offense – Warning.  Continuation of inappropriate behavior will result in disqualification of the tournament.  

  6. Behavior by Spectators:  ANY DISPLAY OF FOUL LANGUAGE, VERBAL ABUSE (to a bowler, spectator, staff), or INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR (as deemed by a MYST Director or Center Staff) will result in a warning.  Continuation will result in your removal from the center and ability to attend future MYST Tournaments.  

  7. Only bowlers and scorekeepers are allowed in the bowling area during tournament play. All score corrections must be made or approved by a league official before they are made and must be done in the frame they occur in, no exceptions. 

  8. Bowlers bowling in the tournament must be present at all times and ready to bowl. Bowlers who leave the center during tournament play will be disqualified.

  9. Attire for Bowlers:

    1. Shirts: Collared shirts or bowling jerseys. 

    2. Pants:  Slacks or dress pants 

    3. Shorts / Skorts: Dress shorts, skorts or skirts (Length must be longer than the end of your fingertips when standing in a relaxed position)

    4. Attire or equipment promoting alcohol or tobacco products will not be allowed.

    5. Attire must be in good condition: no holes, rips, tears, frayed ends, etc.

    6. MYST welcomes all bowlers, regardless of gender/identification.  

Bowlers who do not adhere to the attire requirements will be given the opportunity to correct the issue, however if the tournament has started, the bowler will not be allowed to continue to bowl and will take a 0 in each frame until the issue has been resolved.  In the event a resolution cannot take place, the bowler will be disqualified from the tournament.

  1.  Attire for Spectators:  Spectators, please remember you are at a youth event, please consider what you are wearing as a representation of whom you are there to support.  Offensive attire, including that which displays foul or offensive language, may result in you being asked to change or leave.  

  2. Disqualifications:  Any action or event in which disqualified a bowler from the tournament constitutes  a forfeiture of entry fees for a tournament (including fees to compete for a Junior Gold advancement), SMART awards, and Junior Gold Advancement.  If the severity of your actions, as deemed by MYST Directors or Center Staff, is excessive, you will not be allowed to participate in any future MYST events for the season.  This includes the Tournament of Champions and the Invitational Tournament.