New Bowler Registration

If you have previously attended a 2021-2022 MYST tournament, you may use our shortened registration form by clicking here.  If you need to update contact information, such as address, phone, etc, please use this registration form.

*Please note that entries submitted after 6:00 pm cst 2 days prior to the event will incur an $8 late registration fee.   Walk-ins are welcome at all tournaments unless the schedule indicates the event has reached capacity.  Walk-in entries incur an $8 late registration fee as well.

Please select the tournament date you wish to register for
Please enter the bowler's USBC Number
Birthdates must fall between the above dates to be eligible to participate.
Requested documentation should be emailed to A bowler without a verified average may choose to bowl in any MYST division, however if entering the handicap divisions, they will enter with a 150 average for their first tournament.
After the completion of 5 games within your first tournament, your average will be posted on our website. Please use the most recent average when determining your MYST division. Bowlers may choose to bowl in a higher division than their average, however they may not bowl in a lower division. Example: Bowler has an average of 175, they may choose to bowl in the SRA or SRB division, but cannot bowl in the Handicap division.
If you are an adult bowler not bowling for a college team (U20) and do not have a current USBC membership, please go to to purchase. MYST cannot process adult memberships. Youth bowlers without a current USBC membership are required to purchase one to participate in our events. Youth USBC cost is $4 and MYST will process this on your behalf. If you are on a league that is processing this membership on your behalf, please provide a letter from the league secretary on the center's letterhead verifying this information. Collegiate Bowlers, please ensure your membership does not expire prior to the date of this tournament. If your school is still processing your collegiate membership, please provide a letter from your school on school letterhead confirming they will be purchasing your membership. USBC memberships are required to participate in any MYST event. We understand that processing times may vary throughout schools and leagues, if you are unable to provide verification as outlined below, you will be required to purchase a USBC membership prior to the start of a tournament and refunds will not given by MYST.
To participate in the Junior Gold Qualifying portion of any MYST tournament, you must have a valid Junior Gold Membership through USBC for the current season. To learn more about this and how to purchase one -
Prime events include entry into the Junior Gold Qualifying portion of our tournament. Standard Event optional Junior Gold entry is $40
Bowlers are NOT required to be Members of MYST, however there are additional non-member fees per tournament. *WYBT and SIYST members may bowl 1 MYST event without a MYST Membership. (Membership benefits do not apply)
If a mask mandate is not in effect, masks are optional.
Once registration has been processed, you will be sent an invoice for payment to this email. Registration is not complete until payment has been made.
This information is necessary to receive SMART scholarships and Junior Gold Advancement.
Please see our payment structure, additional fees may apply based on your selection.