Membership Information

Member fee is $30

MYST Members may purchase any 1 bowling ball from the lines within Brunswick brand for only $110

As soon as you become a MYST member, you may take advantage of this special, offer valid through 6/30/2021


Tournament of Champions

Bowlers who place in the top of their division, based on division size*, are eligible to participate in the Tournament of Champions tournament to be held at the end of the MYST Season.  The top bowlers will then compete for increased SMART awards available only to them!  

Every bowler will earn SMART scholarships at this event!

First place finishers in this tournament will each win an exclusive Tournament of Champions MYST Jersey 

*See Tournament Format for breakdown of advancers for this exciting opportunity


Invitational Tournament

MYST Members who participate in 3 or more events during our regular 2020-2021 tournament series will be eligible to participate in our Invitational Tournament to be held at the end of the MYST Season.  Bowlers will then compete for increased SMART awards available only to them!  

Every bowler will earn SMART scholarships at this event!


Eligible to earn a MYST Tournament Champion Jersey

MYST Members who place first in any of our tournaments will receive a MYST Tournament Champion Jersey (1 per season)


Exclusive MYST member stats information

As a member, we will help highlight your MYST bowling accomplishments on our website.  We will create a page on our site specific to you!  Included in this will be your tournament stats, picture, and short videos of you bowling.  You may also provide us with your bowling resume and additional bowling accomplishments outside of MYST.  

This information will be accessible to all colleges with a bowling program and we encourage you to share your link with colleges you are looking at.  Your website link, when created, will be at{firstname-lastname}


Reciprocating Tours

MYST would like to encourage all our bowlers to experience as many tournaments as possible, and not just ours!  We also understand that there are added expenses that come with traveling to another tour, in addition to their membership fees.  We are excited to announce that we are working to partner with other tours to help ease the burden a bit and give you more opportunities to try a tour before committing to an additional membership fee.

Check out:

Wisconsin Youth Bowlers Tour

As a member of MYST, WYBT will waive their membership fee for your first tournament*.

We can’t say enough about this new tour!  Run by Zachary Singer and Dylan Werner, they provide a valuable experience for Youth bowlers with an emphasis on preparation for college bowling.

To prepare their bowlers, they structured their tour to mimic the collegiate bowling season and points system. WYBT tournaments are conducted only on sport conditions (Junior Gold, College bowling, etc.). 

In addition, every Saturday afternoon before WYBT events, for $60, they will be hosting a 3 hour clinic that covers lane play, mental game, understanding lane pattern graphs, ball motion, and more.

*Bowlers who are not members of WYBT will not be eligible for member benefits and awards during their membership-free trial.

If you are a member of another tour that is not part of our reciprocation program, come try us out with our temporary mini membership.  For $10, we will grant you a temporary membership where you will have the opportunity to see how we roll, have a great time, and still be eligible for some of our benefits. 

As a temporary member;

-If you win a division, you may purchase a MYST Championship Jersey for $45, shipped directly to you

-If you place at the top of your division, you may join us for the Tournament of Champions when purchasing a full membership.