How to Register

To register for this event, please email the following information to


Bowler information:

USBC Number
Last Name
First Name
Last 4 digits of SSN
Are you a USBC Youth or Adult Member?
Do you have a Junior Gold USBC Membership Upgrade?
Will you be competing for a Junior Gold advancement?
Squad time prefered

MYST Division: 
Handicap (Avg 150 or lower)
Scratch Rank B (Avg 151-175)
Scratch Rank A (Avg 176+)

*If bowler is 18 or older:
Email address
Phone Number

Guardian Information:
Last Name
First Name
Email address
Phone Number

Are you interested in re-entry into the 2nd squad?
(If any squads after the first squad have openings, a bowler may choose to reenter for a discounted fee.)

Please include contact information, should any questions arise, we will need to contact you.  You will receive an invoice from MYST after your registration request, until it has been paid, your entry is not guaranteed.  

Once a bowler has registered and paid for the event, their name will be shown on the roster on Tournament Bowl for the tournament date. 

*Payments are accepted online through Paypay or Square, or may be mailed to:

℅ Trayc Foutz
3944 Appaloosa Dr.
Swansea, IL  62226

Please make checks payable to MYST, do not send cash through the mail. 
If you will be mailing your registration and payment, please include a copy of the tournament registration information with payment and email in advance.  Payments shall be received 5 days prior to the start date of a tournament.

Tournament entry fees are accepted the day of the tournament by cash, check, credit card, but will incur a $10 late fee.

 Submission of registration constitutes acceptance of all rules associated with our tournaments.