Good Sportsmanship Nomination

Good sportsmanship isn’t just about how a player handles good and bad shots, but what they do that can positively impact those around them.  

Did a bowler:
-have a bad frame, game, or whole day on the lanes but kept smiling and having fun?
-Encourage or help other bowlers?
-Go above and beyond welcoming new bowlers?
-Get excited for another bowler’s accomplishments?
-Or something else that made them stand out?

These acts show true sportsmanship and character and we believe they deserve recognition!

If you attend a MYST tournament in 2021-2022 and want to recognize a youth bowler for their sportsmanship, please let us know all about it!

Nominations made by a participant or on behalf of a participant will be collected and counted towards the Bowler of the Year point system.  

*Parents/Guardians, you are welcome to complete this form and brag about your kid (we love hearing this!), but please note that these nominations will not be counted towards their Bowler of the Year Sportsmanship Nomination points.  

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