Covid Specific Rules

Covid-19 Specific Rules


  1. Every bowler and spectator will have their temperature taken upon entering the center.  Any individual who has a temperature of 100.4° will not be permitted entry.  Regardless of your temperature, if you are not feeling well, please do not attend.

  2. Bowlers AND Spectators are required to wear a mask that covers BOTH their nose and mouth and may not have any holes.  This applied to all  MYST events regardless of location health department requirements.  


    1. There will be no more than 4 bowlers per pair

    2. There will be an empty pair of lanes between each group of bowlers.

    3. Bowlers will not be changing lanes at this time. 

    4. Bowlers are limited to 2 spectators each. 

    5. Bowlers may lower their mask only when they are on the approach and ready to bowl.  Masks must be raised back to cover their nose and mouth after they release their ball.

    6. Masks may be lowered while a bowler or spectator is actively drinking or eating.  Please do not take advantage of this exception by keeping your drink or food at your mouth for extended periods of time without actually eating or drinking.

    7. If you are unable to wear a mask for any reason, please do not attend our events during this time.

    8. If a spectator requires multiple reminders, they are subject to removal from the tournament area.  

    9. If a bowler requires multiple reminders, they are subject to disqualification from the tournament and the tournament area.
      (If the MYST tournament is using the entire center, you will be asked to leave.)

    10. Bowlers and spectators who become abusive (either verbally or physically) will no longer be welcome to our events.

  1. Any comments made, even if in a joking manner, that you have or believe you have covid, will result in your removal for safety purposes for all.

  2. Any intentional, even if in a joking manner, one lowers their mask and coughs on another individual, will result in your removal for safety purposes for all.

  3. We ask that everyone please be mindful of social distancing and apply it as much as possible.

  4. Please arrive during your scheduled check-in time, due to capacity restrictions, if you are early, please wait outside.

  5. When you have completed your games in your squad and if you are not re-entering the tournament, please exit the center in a timely fashion so the next squad may come in.

  6. Rules and requirements are subject to change based on the current county and state requirements and advance notice may not be limited.  For the most current information, please contact the local Health Department for more information.