Check in process

Arrive on time!  Any practice time or tournament play that is missed cannot be made up.  If you arrive after the start of the tournament, you may still compete, but will receive a 0 in each frame you are not present and ready to bowl.  *Partial refunds will not be given for any practice or frames that are missed.


Tournament Check-in starts 30 minutes prior to the start of practice.


*If you have forms to be turned in, please ensure they are completed prior to going through the appropriate check-in area.  All necessary forms will be available at the day of the tournament, though will not accept incomplete registrations at check-in.  You will be directed to exit the registration line, complete any forms required, and go to the end of the check-in line.  


Lane assignments will be posted on Tournament Bowl, as well as posted to our FB group, the evening before a tournament.


When you arrive:

    1. After your temperature check, you will proceed to the pre-registered check-in area where you will receive your score sheet and lane reminder.  

    2. If you have any forms that need to be turned in, please have them completed and ready

Bowlers who have not paid prior to the tournament;

    1. After your temperature check, you will processed to registration check-in area where you will turn in all necessary forms;

    2. Render payment

    3. Receive your lane assignment 

Bowlers who are in a later squad, please do not arrive prior to the scheduled check-in time.  Due to some centers having limited capacity within the building, you may be required to wait outside.  Once you do come in, please follow the above check-in procedures.